Friday, February 5, 2010

Midnight Run--and Duck

I had an interesting encounter the night before last. Marieta is out of town for a few days on business, so I was sleeping with one of the baby 'boons (Marnus had the other). In the middle of the night, it became odorously clear that Jessie needed a new nappie (diaper), so I took my torch (flashlight) and walked across the courtyard to Marieta's kitchen where some were stored.

Halfway across her living room I got hit from above and behind, little thorns going into my scalp. I shouted (what I shouted doesn't matter, but be assured it was colorful), and ducked my head down. I saw a flash of gray swoosh by. I reached up--no blood, just my dignity in tatters.

It was a midnight attack by Doo Doo, the white-faced scops owl who lives in Marieta's kitchen. He's only about six inches tall but packs a powerful punch with those claws.

Doo Doo was rescued by some Bushmen who found him as a baby lying on the ground. They brought him to Marieta, who saved and raised him and then tried to free him. He wouldn't go. He likes Marieta's kitchen, perching on cupboard doors, curtain rods, and ceiling fans. And he likes his little bowl of raw meat he gets every day. So that's where he stays.

I'm going to include a short video so you can hear him. There's no "hoot hoot" from this guy. He "roars" like a tiny lion. Listen carefully and turn up the volume. The first, third, fifth, and sixth growls are me, trying to get him to talk. Listen carefully in between--the second and fourth ones. You'll see his feathers around his neck sort of fluff up as he does it.

He's hilarious--except when he divebombs you in the middle of the night. Very Hitchcock.


  1. What HAVEN'T you experienced? You're living out your best life, my friend. Can't wait to read the book. When is the movie coming out?

  2. How stunning you are (also) in imitating owls,I can't hear any difference between DooDoo and YOU!