Friday, December 3, 2010

Here Again

Well, I'm here! After an amazingly long flight from NYC to Johannesburg, South Africa (almost 16 hours on one flight), I got off the plane and walked down the stairs to a crystal blue sky and 85 degrees. Oh yeah. It's summer in Africa. My pasty white skin started prickling with sunburn almost immediately, so I slathered on the sunscreen. But how wonderful to find summer on the other side of the world.

I'm staying in the capital city of Windhoek for a few days for the book launch party/fund raiser, so I'm at a small guesthouse called Uzuri--which already has made me feel at home with two cats and two dogs wandering through my room at all times. I was met at the Windhoek airport (no one has ever met me at that airport before!) by my friends from Munich, Cornelia and Willi, and Marieta's daughter-in-law Jo. Hugs hugs hugs! Jo talked a mile a minute (as she does) all the way into town, getting me caught up on the plans for tomorrow night's party and family news. I haven't seen Marieta yet because she always takes her first day in town to do primping things like hair and nails. (I find it both amazing and inspiring that along with taking care of 400 animals, Marieta always finds time to take care of herself, too! Oprah would be proud of this woman.)

This afternoon I've relaxed, taken a nap, done a bit of swimming in the pool, and unpacked a bit. Tonight we're all meeting at the famous restaurant here in town, Joe's Beerhouse.

I've been under such a strain at home for the past few months--both personally and professionally--that this feels like the first time I can truly take a deep deep breath. As usual, the burdens of life are lessened for me here in Namibia. I'm hoping and planning on both Namibia and Harnas to work their magic on me again.

The internet is a bit iffy at the guesthouse, so I'm not going to download any pictures today. But look for some the next time I write!

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