Tuesday, December 24, 2013

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I ran into the baby baboon, Ollie, this morning as I was going to breakfast. She was running around outside the staff room where Marieta was having a meeting. Still in her nighttime diapers with a pacifier around her neck, she was the perfect picture of a baby. As I often do at Harnas when a situation presents itself, I decided breakfast could wait so I sat down on the ground and had some play time with her. There's nothing to hurry for here, so if a little bit of joy can be had, I'm all for it.

Ollie climbed all over me and I tried to get some pics of us together:

 Then she wrestled for awhile with Pickles and then a cat. So curious and funny. I just love these baby baboons. Then  I made my way on to breakfast with a smile on my face.

Just before I saw Ollie, I was completing my morning routine of feeding peanuts to the two mccaws who live in a large aviary near the office. For years I've been bringing peanuts to Africa to feed the birds, baboons, and anyone else who needs one. I walk to the cage and yell, "PEAnuts, PEAnuts" and the two birds climb their way from wherever they are in the cage to take them gently from me in their rather large beaks.

Recently, Cornelia thought she heard me yelling for them, but when she went to see, she found the birds themselves yelling "PEAnuts, PEAnuts" in MY VOICE! I've clearly had an effect on them. I knew they said "hello" but I didn't know they were imitating me.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. How awesome is that??? Macaws living in Africa that sound like you. Too cool.