Saturday, December 28, 2013

Spring and Babies

It's late spring here in Namibia, so there are lots of babies at Harnas.  Sometimes animals choose strange friends, so for example, on the lapa lawn there is a foal and a calf that are best friends and walk around everywhere together.

In the garden area, we have babies galore--two lambs, a baby duiker, and two baby warthogs (who are so small, they refused to come out of their box--I'll have to get a picture later when they're bottle-fed).

In the office where I write this, there are 6 (six!) kittens that are always entertaining to watch. While pictures are uploading, I just sit back and laugh at their antics--such as their incessant need to climb all over the stuffed lion--and then falling asleep on it.

Then of course there's the baby baboon, baby tortoises, baby crocodiles, baby cheetah, and just about every creature you can imagine. It's an orphanage of love and care.

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  1. So sweet! I just love the kittens on top of the lion.