Monday, June 27, 2016

Baby at Play

I've become sort of obsessed with this baby cheetah, Koema. He's absolutely adorable. At least twice a day we take him out to the lawn to play--with any person or creature that might be there. He's curious and adventurous and full of himself. He's a joy to watch.

Here are a couple of still pictures of him bottlefeeding and just posing. Also I hope the video comes through. It takes forever for videos to upload here and I waited 45 minutes for this one, and I'm still not sure it came out.

Little update on Carolyn. Today was her first day feeding the animals. She got put into a group called the Crocs (There are four groups, each assigned certain animals to care for.). She feeds the cheetah named Jeannie, some baby baboons, some vervet monkeys (biters, I'm afraid), and various other animals. Of course in between the work, there are lots of visits to various animal enclosures just to spend time.

It's winter here and as I've been doing this, the sun as been setting--a red and golden masterpiece. In the distance I can hear the lions beginning to roar. So beautiful. I can't believe I have the privilege to be here and experience this again. I wish I could take it all home with me. BB


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all your impressions with your readers. It is a great joy to see this blog being filled with content after such a long time. Reading your notes makes me want to visit Harnas even more - sad that I can't at the moment.
    I hope Carolyn does not get bitten by a vervet monkey or a baboon!


  2. I am so damn jealous of Carolyn and you. Next time you go, I volunteer to be your traveling companion. Seriously. No, really.

  3. Oh, and the video came through! Adorable.

  4. Happy Meal and I also became great friends. The cheetahs, happy Meal, and the 2 baby baboons were my favorites while we were at Harnas.