Friday, June 24, 2016

Travel Travails

Well, we made it to  Windhoek, capital of Namibia. Two hours to New York, 14 hours to Johannesburg, 2 hours to Windhoek. But then they lost two of my bags. I'm carrying 50 copies of my book for Harnas to sell, and that's mostly what I lost--along with some clothes. (Harnas has such a hard time getting the book for their little store. It takes forever, costs a fortune, and sometimes doesn't make it.) So I offered to bring as many as I could fit.

I've lost my luggage traveling more than a few times, though, and I've always gotten it back, so I remained optimistic. Yesterday afternoon they delivered the first one, a box of books, and last night as we were turning out the light, they brought the second one, so all is accounted for now.

Another blip on the radar screen--Carolyn seems to have strep throat. She's had a cold with a slight sore throat but on the trip it kept getting worse and worse. When we got here to the hotel, we shone a light in there and it's inflamed with spots all over it. Fortunately, I have some antibiotics with me (thank you Dr. Hart! You're always looking out for me!) so we've started her on those.

Yesterday as we were turning out of the airport, we saw a troop of baboons just playing by the side of the road. Carolyn was pretty excited to find some animals so quickly. It's like they were there just to greet her to Namibia.

It's just the beginning, though, and we'll have lots of stories to tell soon enough. Thanks for joining me on this trip. BB


  1. I hope you will get your luggage soon, not an ideal start but that's the part of life. Keep us updated with the further proceedings, thanks for sharing it

  2. You have to have a soul that cries for travelling. I love travelling been doing it since a long time and miss it when Io cant go out!